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The Father Horde & The Dreamtime.

Diomedes of the Boilerplate Leviathan sept retells this story of humanity's rise to power.

The Father Horde.

The first Father was strong, & grey, & could not be defeated. When each of his sons were born, he would drive them forth into the empty places of the land. When his daughters were born he would take them into his harem, & this the Father was the enemy of all men & the husband of all women. This was intolerable to the sons, but they could do nothing, for none of them could defeat the Father in battle, for he was cunning & endured all things. At last the sons banded together into a great army, & descended upon their Father, whom they slew & ate, for each desired to be strong like the Father, & to possess all, like the Father. & thus was war unending begun, where all fought all, for each desired what the other had. When this became intolerable, they met, & they swore on their Father to renounce the women that they desired, & forbade incest, & they ate the flesh of a pig saying that it was their Father's flesh & that he would be their God now.

Hercle of the Boilerplate Leviathan sept retells this story of the first humans.

The Dreamtime

The first human was Anath, who was begot from the fruit of the Sephirot Tree. & Anath was wereman & wyfman both, & Anath bore all the men & monsters of the world, but greatest among them was Anak, who was He & She too, & was King. & After Anak the King came Cadmon, who was as were & wyf, but perfect too.

But there is another story too, that Anath was made like two wyfman, back to back, & that sheshe had a brotherhusband Seth who was as two weremen. & The child they bore from the dexter side was Anak who was King & were & wyf; but from the sinister side was born Lith who was wyf & were & a Witch. & heshe & shehe had a child who was Cadmon, who was born of both sides & was perfect.

& now that man has but two hands & one sex we are unhappy, & that is Love.
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