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soon i rest, yes; forever sleep.

tonight i did my sleep study, which there really isn't that much to say about. i hope i hooked myself up correctly; despite being pretty confident while the nurse explained the machine, i did manage to put some of the electrodes in the wrong spot & then have to switch them, & wrapping my index finger was slightly trickier than advertised. some of the numbers weren't saying what the example said they ought to? i guess we'll find out how it went. sleeping with all the wires was not so easy. i'm not what you'd call a deep sleeper? & i sort of have periods of adjustment-- maybe the coincide with my brain waves! i curl up around jenny, then i swap between my back & finally my stomach, with my arms up. only so much of this was possible, wrapped up in shelob's webs as i was. i ended up waking up early, & the sounds of people going to church (i forgot people did that so early!) kept me from going back to bed, but really, 7ish hours hooked up is pretty representative of my sleep schedule at this point. & yeah, i remembered to take out the batteries like i was meant to.

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