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a tale of days.

i've been a busy little devil, i have indeed. thursday night the doctor fumbled; i went to go pick up the machine that measures my sleep, but he didn't have any at that office. or she-- the nurse is taking care of all this rot. so i had to make an appointment for the next day, which i promptly did. you guys didn't have my machine? oh, don't sweat it, guys, i totally don't mind taking the evening off work & going on a wild goose chase. thanks. then i swung over to the banana republic in the world financial center. tiny little shop! anyhow, i like their shirts, though they only carry my size on the internet; still, the one i got fit me well enough, & was on sale.

i was buying a shirt for part two of my macmillions interview. new shirt for luck, blue shirt for luck. something new, something blue. marry me, mister macmillions! i saw the gentleman who had interviewed me after i passed the human resources gauntlet, & then i spoke with his boss. who can say how i did? i didn't fumble or gaffe but did they realize that i would kick-ass at the job? & be pleasant to work with? i am, ask anyone. & i would, let me tell you. here is hoping they figured that out. afterward, i would have gotten google-lunch with pamela, but she is in atlanta, so i came back to work.

after a little bit of office, i went back out to the doctor's again; a different location this time. they are migratory. nomadic ents! oh man, nomadic ents. got there & let the nurse explain how the machine works, how to hook it up to myself. it isn't that tricky, or hard. i'm sure people screw it up all the time, though. i let her go through the whole spiel; it is only polite. that finished, it was finally time to head home.

weird how going home at an atypical time can really mess up your clock. i bought some groceries, cleaned some dishes, & poured some wine, while jenny started to cook. somehow i got drunk pretty fast? well, tipsy. i think i was just ready to be done with the day. we watched some grey's anatomy which is still not a very good show, but had a good moment this episode. then some veronica mars, & oh man, that show is really all about logan, you know? that guy is great, though jenny thinks i only think that because he's me. not true; i'm better than him! then some comedy-- best week ever & such. fun times with my lady jenny. & then here i am now at work, making up for all the time i've lost this week, between the doctors & the interviews & the dentist & all those million swarming locusts.
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