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raindrinker: the murderer's march by kingtycoon methuseleh.

i read the first of kingtycoon's twenty-two volume set of kliali succession epics over the past couple of days. i didn't really come here to crow about it; i wanted to have things to say about the story (like developing the golden tower adepts first before jens becomes estrubael) first & foremost; some things about formatting & the like, too. i will say this: "the sanguine witch" is the best short work i've seen the gentleman in question produce. i've been involved with klial only at a distance, barring a one-shot, but i'm happy to have been able to be a thoroughly wicked eno kadat well suited to the eastern border.

kingtycoon was worried about his treatment of women, but he needn't be. his sense of the grotesque is strong here; you might want the relief of great klial & the tree of iron but oh no, more trulks for you! murder, rape, cannibalism, incest-- the social crimes, the great taboos, these are the things that wake kingtycoon in the night, & now, to your misfortune, they might wake you. monsters are less important than animals, who are less important than people, who are less important than witches, who are less important than the highblood. keep that in mind & you'll be able to navigate just fine.
Tags: books, kingtycoon, klial, nanowrimo

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