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so i guess i ought to be in a good mood but i'm sort of bummed out. i say bummed out-- i'm not at some yawning chasm of ennui. last night was television night, which was good news gospel corner. started with how i met your mother which was pretty gosh darn fun, with eighty year old barney & interventions & all that. next was a long awaited pickup artist! oh mystery, you are the most hilarious of dungeon masters. no j-dogg (he's the thom yorke of the seduction community), still troll-ish matador, but now with tara on full-time as mystery's wing? i hope she ties the show together. pushing daisies was servicable; when you've got high expectations for a show, & it just meets them, it is hard to crow about it, but to be sure, i do like it. america's next top model was a clip-show (boo) so we flipped to john & kate plus eight & some daily show, which was on its game. watched just enough of the presidential debate to be glad we weren't watching it. i also ate about a million olives, which i guess means i'm officially a "fan." that leaves really only green peppers (well, peppers, besides the hot kind) as the utterly loathsome.

in fiscal news, some happenings. got some more x-mas stuff in. one of the things i'd sort of taken a long shot on really paid off; just great. another thing was a letdown. i was burned! burned but not badly enough to cry foul, so i gotta soak it up. that put a frown on my face, some gloom in my doom. the real news though is that macmillions wants me to come back in tomorrow for a follow-up interrogation. which is a good sign, right? except it raises the stakes, so i'm maybe a little bit nervy. no real problems, except tonight i have to go to the doctor's to have him put some sensors on me or whatever & then hook me up to some kirby contraption to measure my sleep's "waves." alpha! delta! bravo! i had to wear a tight t-shirt & a button-up outer shirt; i wonder where this is going? sounds kind of s&m. while i'm there i'll probably buy a shirt from banana republic? in other words, another busy week for mister no. on the plus side, talking dinosaurs? or at least humpback whale singing dinosaurs...which is maybe almost better? oh, & on tiny adventures i just unlocked the spellsword, or swordmage, whatever it is called. good luck, starro!
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