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pop fangs!

vampire zero by david wellington.

weird, this guy just came up somehow in my reading elsewhere. it was maybe the new writer of marvel zombies or something saying that they were roomates at pratt? i can't quite place the memory. anyhow, these books are the right kind of bubblegum, always. say what you will? but as soon as one comes out, i scoop it up & read it right away. low investment, high return! i like his vampire books (thirteen bullets, ninety-nine coffins, & this one) more than the latter zombie books (monster nation & monster planet) so it is good to know that it was just that story that sort of jumped that proverbial zombie shark, & not him as a writer.

i like caxton as a character; it is nice to see a guy writing a strong female lead. she's got foibles, but gets the job done, & good for her. this book is devoid of over-the-top twists, & instead relies on a solid mystery: none of the clues are cliffhangers, & the story, once you can see the pieces, all makes sense. i would really like to see caxton's relationship with any of her girlfriends not be such a failure though. anyhow, that being said, the climax takes place in one of my all-time favorite settings, so once the clues started dropping about where it was going to take place, i got it immediately. "hell yeah," i think were my words.
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