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the star reversed!

rapunzel's revenge by dean hale, shannon hale, and nathan hale (no relation).

well isn't this a pleasant little thing! all curled up in its shell like a mollusk! jenny said she'd liked it, but i didn't realize she meant that it was in fact great. this comic takes the tropes & dances on their graces. it isn't a clumsy "reversal" faerie tale, but an actual, real-life story, with real characters, & a believable female protagonist. no lazy storytelling here! & a male side-kick that isn't a joke. hey, can i mention that rapunzel's side-kick is jack? & i like him better than willingham's jack by quite a bit. seriously, i was impressed-- to the point where i don't really want to talk it up, because down that road lies only ruin. still, i'm pretty sure this would stand up to a raise in expectations. the frame is very western-pastiche, complete with pioneers & cowboys, & all those things you could want from those sorts of yarns.
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