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jenny stayed up into the wee hours of last night shredding paper. see, kira bought us a bunch of semi-belated (you have a year!) wedding gifts, foremost among them an enron-level, diamond-bladed, jig-saw cutting paper shredder. it is seriously toothsome. & oh, then, speaking of facebones! i saddled up my favorite riding spider & giddyuped on over to the dentist. left work early to do so, like i'm double lucky. i hadn't been in half a decade. shame on me, but really, who is to blame? it isn't like i had universalized health care, so i had to get married. besides the long, untreated span, i was slightly worried on account of when my face was broken. i couldn't open my mouth, so it was all liquid food (no chewing) & mouthwash (no brushing). in the end, it turns out i had nothing to worry about! the dentist scolded me about not flossing, but other than "some possible cavities" on my wisdom teeth, i was free & clear. my wisdom teeth she said weren't worth doing anything about; if they become a problem, out they come. so goes my trip to the dentist. it really wasn't so terrible. i was a little stressed out? i didn't want her to be like "oh crap, you have a face full of moles & maggots & we need to take these all out." which i guess i was a little unreasonably concerned about. then i ended up sanded down & polished up! this whole thing is so much fun. on thursday i'm going to be plugged full of electrodes: thus continues my cyborg saga.
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