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today was james' dungeons & dragons game. we haven't played that much fourth edition, due to conflicting schedules, but it remains a lot of fun; i'm pretty sure i like the feypact warlock rules better than the starpact rules, though. we split up the party, & had a bunch of debate & tomfoolery, of which the latter part was a lot of fun. we also had a raucous fray! a wight, some dark ones, some bats, & a trap. the trap was supposed to split up the party, but really it succeeded in putting the controller & defender on one side, & giving the strikers plenty of room to maneuver & bring the pain. it did keep our cleric challenged, trying to get to the undead on the other side of it. we capped it off with meeting the dwarven secret service & now we need to decide our next step. light, fluffy fun! except for the torture. all adventurers are dangerous sociopaths, beware!
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