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the second part of this guy making fun of dnd monsters came up a while ago, & i meant to talk about it, seeing as it is pretty funny, & most of the monsters he jokes about are totally ridiculous, e.g. mimics, & shop mimics, & room mimics, & all that rot. some of them on the other hand are totally gold, & i want to call it out! space pigs! how great are they, man?

spider horses? listen, this article came out the week after i put spider goats into my game. so don't get me wrong, i'm invested. seriously though, what is your problem if you don't think spider horses & spider goats are either the most awesome or most terrifying things? they really are. both at the same time.

& as for spiders that live inside skulls-- what?! how could you think that is silly. that is some awesome stuff right there. i used this as inspiration for a fight in my blaine campaign-- there was a wasp living in a skull in the same fashion, only i let it do sonic damage as it banged its wing casing on the inside of the skull. zzzzzt!

aw man how cute? how cute is this guy! HOW CUTE IS THIS GUY!
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