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saga of the black & white mice.

finally getting a chance to be home with jenny is nice like an ice cream truck is creepy; by which i mean, very very. like an empty refrigerator is lonely. i guess i've been lashing out all week! i need to budget my time; i forget about this umbilical cord of mine! stretch it & i snap! get into fights about playing jinx. & why now, i can do it if i want to. i've otherwise been thinking a lot about the theocracy in my game world. like-- the are opposed to democracy because it posits man as a body of authority over god. & like, including "science" in the religion-- aryuvedic, baby! i think the theosophic anthropology will be social positivism, & then i have to reconcile that with an idyllic, mythic past. building in contradictions lets you get a chance to perform the circumlocutions of logic that really make-up the body of religion. i'm really going to go in for sacrifice as the dominant theme, the way orphans was a big chunk of the blaine campaign. bones & meat & smoke! the sinister & the dexter, pigs, coconuts & bananas. cognation versus agnation, descent versus ascent. anyhow, i'm thinking about it, like i said.

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