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buzz buzz, i'm tryin' to be a worker bee, look at my flutter, my honey dance! i went to a job interview at macmillions, & like before, i'd sure like to get the job. i'd be doing a lot of things, largely centered around coordinating for sales reps across the country-- in a lot of practical ways, i'd be "liaising" that being the title i've got now at ye olde kit marlowe & co. how did the interview go? you know, you can't really say-- they are the one who know how it went, not me. all i can say is i'm qualified for the job, want the job, & want to work for the company. i didn't gaffe or blunder. my questions were more "point of info," but i hope they showed an interest & an insight. maybe they did! the human resources girl was very nice, & the person i'd be work under seemed super friendly. i won't know anything till the end of next week, but i hope his other interviews are rubbish, just rubbish! i'm thinking unfriendly thoughts at my competition. plus, in general, i like macmillions a bunch, & how cool would working at the flatiron building be?

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