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got up bright & early to go see the ear, nose, & throat doctor. for my sleep apnea, you know? there was a quick bit of confusion-- why am i filling out my doctor's paperwork again? wait, did i somehow end up at my doctor's office instead of at the referral's office? what the? but it turned out they just share an office. why did i need to get referral numbers & fax information? if you just share a...nevermind, you know what? nevermind. it all sorted itself out. i had to take a sleep quiz: it turns out, i don't fall asleep in public! phew. i got a score because i "might possibly" fall asleep if i lie down to take a nap. no joke! danger! there was also some trouble taking my blood pressure again, but it looks like it might be a little high, maybe because of some sleep apnea. other than that, i'm okay. tiny tonsils, so those aren't coming out. normal tongue (a "2-3"). a slightly deviated septum, but not like, enough to make a fuss over, though he bets i snore if i sleep on my back (true! if i'm drunk). then came the facehugger. he stuck a camera tube down my nose & into my throat. ah-choo! no, i didn't sneeze, i did fine. nothing conclusive in the end. i'm going to go back next thursday, they'll slap some sensors on me, give me a machine, & then i'll take it home with me. it will study me while i sleep. in other words, it will have to get in line behind the angels & the aliens.

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