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a giant problem: beyond the spiderwick chronicles ii by holly black & tony diterlizzi.

i really like tony diterlizzi's art; this isn't a secret. that is what brought me to the spiderwick chronicles originally. i liked the first series, & i especially liked the ancillary materials for it. i got the first of the beyond spiderwick books at book expo, & i wasn't too thrilled. the story was out of nowhere, the characters were paper cut outs, & the kids from the first series of books were in it for no particularly good reason. this volume fixes all those complaints; in fact i quite liked it. there is a plan, everyone has a chance to shine, new characters don't act foolish, the parental tension isn't overwrought tomfoolery, so forth. this book gets its feet under it. i dug it, & now am bummed i have to wait for the next.
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