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friday was laundry; still waiting on my payback! well, to be fair, i'm also still waiting to hang all my shirts up. then pumpkin bear & chicken pad thai for the whitest we've ever been. saturday i snuck into chinatown, smuggled jenny out & uptown to meet meryl to watch nick & nora's infinite playlist. i'm invested in michael cera showing some backbone. some range. he's going to be scott pilgrim, & scott pilgrim is absolutely awesome, so...the awkward adorable thing is great, but only works as a facet. there was some effort towards having a spine. mostly the movie was ultra saccarine but still good, & the grossest movie since trainspotting. then to alicia's birthday. sunday was game of course, & when i came home jenny & carla were hanging out, & robert eventually came over. mostly i ended up arguing over who was better, superman or jesus. carla was wrong! so was robert! well, okay, spider-man is pretty great.

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