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oubliette session fifteen: the crystal ship is waiting there.

the session had left off with the party (balthazar, bedwin, damocles, lorelai & mathio) trying to figure out how to deal with the goblins garglebella & guttykins. the two had been ousted from the company of their master, the lobescubber. he charged them with the task that which ever of their rats cross the finish line last would win the position of his lieutenant. the goblins fucked, loudly, but come morning there was no resolution. they parted ways!

& the party crossed the miles of nomansland in notimeflat. clipping barbed wire & ducking jumping landmines. they got to the lake of alkaline to find it wreathed in mustard gas, & three goblins waiting near a glass boat. a twelve foot tall goblin named "mister 'orrible" seemed to be the leader, as well as gremlins first class 99 & 47. balthazar & mathio cleared the lake of mustard gas, through an ingenious use of vaccuum tubes & pedaling. meanwhile, the goblins & the humans shuffled each other across the lake: it was tricky. the goblins clearly would have attacked the humans if they'd outnumbered them. a solution presented itself in time (& they watched garglebella & guttykins race by, having simply switched rats, the thought-process of the party eventually leading them to the solution) & our party now was at the foot of the karnak city made of jewels.

they snuck around in the guts of the city: the walls had gargoyles bleching acid (which ought to have been blood). the crystal struts that were unbroken had huge demons trapped within; the broken ones, even more ominously, didn't. the doors were embossed with orichalk. in time, crossing platforms (with a little "light kidnapping" of balthazar), they met: the imperial malefactor. staring at a demon of the firmament. the malefactor's job is to make sure that if anything starts to get out of hand it is...taken care of. they took to the malefactor, & he took to them: he set them up with a room! they were led there by black suited goblins with blue glasses. when he asked lorelai what she needed she said "nothing at present" but he heard "a present," so he had the captive human, authedio, brought to them! authedio however was slated to the fatal lottery tommorow. pick the black marble, death, pick white, life. unfortunately, the new lieutenant garglebella (so they were told) had it in for him & had switched the marbles to both be black. doom! (also, damocles & bedwin messed with the ghosts & demons)

then they met the lobescrubber! he literally crackled with eldritch such-like & what-not. he had an overbite & thought they were all full of nonsense at first. sort of like willy wonka, come to think of it. eventually he fell to quizzing them about demilion in malake. what! that shouldn't have been working! &..."fermented blood!" karnak magic! in exchange for answers, he enlisted them to capture the creature at the root of the demilion theme. to balthazar he spoke of RAM as RED, PERL as GREEN, & URTH as BLUE, & astral as solipsism. to damocles, who wished to rescue authedio he said "tell him to swallow the marble." lorelai wanted to know about the three comets, & the lobescrubber gave her the savant's map, marked with the landing/crashing points of the coming karnak stars. bedwin wanted to know about the bloody ghosts, & so he saw the karnak amalgam, ghosts sharing blood transfusions. oh what a lovely time. now to the iron engine!
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