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forgotten realms player's guide by wizards of the coast.

this is an interesting book-- rather than get you to buy one big forgotten realms tome, they split it into a campaign guide & a player's guide. not a bad way to go, actually. i could see wanting this book. there is one new race, the genasai. i'm kind of conflicted about them. maybe they have too much variety built in? i guess they just aren't as "tidy" as the other races, & that makes them harder to think about. still, the elemental aspects, & the ability to switch them with feats-- it is neat. i could see wanting to give it a go. there is a new class-- the spellsword. okay, pile on the new classes, guys! i don't mind. & a new pact for warlocks. what that means is that those predictions? the answers to the common complaint that there wasn't a lot of diversity? seems to be correct. there are going to be lots of new material in each of the new books. this includes the paragon paths, too. less so the epic destiny, which is kind of just a modified "demigod" with a slot for each deity. there is to call it? multi-class template. powers only available through the multi-class route. it is an interesting pitch; i'd have to see it playtested (or playtest it myself) to tell you whether or not it works. i'm less excited about the feats: they are basically a ton of "channel divinity" feats for the forgotten realms pantheon. all in all? if you want the information in this book, you should get it, but otherwise it isn't all that crucial.
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