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i had a weird freak out last night about this. so listen, i bought these "anatomical chocolates" for jenny. not sexual ones, but rather actual anatomy chocolates, like pelvic bones, an eye in side section, that sort of thing. anyhow, i can't remember if i gave them to her! i can't remember if i bought them for valentine's day, or her birthday, or what. or even if they were for her! or maybe they were a gift for someone else's birthday? i can't remember. i don't remember giving them. i don't remember where i might have hidden them. all is lost to me! so maybe somewhere, somewhere i've been, there are stale chocolates in the shape of guts & bones. this is eating me up inside, trying to remember. commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans! by which i mean to say, i made a doctor's appointment to find out if i am darth vader or not.
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