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so the more i think about it, the more i'm pretty sure i'm going to use the momentum from this years upcoming nanowrimo to, well, cheat. i think i'm going to take the first draft of wil o' wisps & give it a glossing over, write another 50,000 words for it, bang it into better shape. i have never really edited something (sorry, all academic papers ever!), so even though i guess january is supposed to be nanoedmo, i'm going to, like i said, turn against the true spirit of the project in favor of a better solution. i am sort of tempted to "teen" it up? i don't know. i think enough time has passed though. i'm excited about it, & talking about it here makes it more likely that i will do it & not self-sabotage. i have also been thinking of just setting a generic goal of writing a page of something, not just livejournal, but not just book, a day. i don't know how much day-to-day success it will garner, but as a theoretical goal it ain't too shabby. in other news, the most interesting thing i've heard about this economic situation was in a comment by carolina haze in a recent post by blognigger. to quote verbatim: Years ago, when GZA said "diversify yo bonds, nigga" did anyone listen? Nope, and now look at us.
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