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i am a terrible photographer.

got ready to leave for the party just in time for jenny to tell me not to leave for the party. so my evening morphed into watching some television & playing some of the miniquests on zelda. jenny finally got home & she watched television while i made myself some pasta. look at this, this whole being boring thing. isn't it great? when jenny called to tell me not to come, i was already outside. i kept freaking out & going back in to the apartment & building to make sure that the windows were closed & locked. i even had to go back in to check that i'd closed the front door. what the hell was i losing it over? just a real bunch of ocd moments. i'm going to finish up this pasta now (i gave up using chopsticks, after all that) & go into the other room to watch the end of the crummy season premiere of heroes. aren't you glad we're neighbors?

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