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get ready for the excitement! are you PUMPED? i got back from the gym this morning to find out that game was canceled today. which blows, of course. so i figure, hey, let me recap the hell out of my sunday! in all its banal, gory details. i woke up before jenny & played around on the internet, wrote a short story for my ghostly dude's kid. jenny woke up & snuggled in bed & said it was xmas. it isn't, though. made coffee & some kind of yogurt, strawberry puree, granola combo. jenny said it is better layered, but i prefer gruel. food paste, please! & then we watched the end of snl. jenny was going to bail on this party, but when she found out that a car was involved, she allowed herself to be whisked off, while i went to the gym. at the gym, i thought about how the only really good made up word in the harry potter series is "azkaban." & on the machine i watched some of kill bill: volume two, the part with the little kid, & thought about what a great movie that was. went to the grocers, bought some stuff for a salad & snacks for the game, found at game was canceled, ate that salad. which puts us at now. now i'm going to take a shower, shave (i gotta shave, shame to say), & i'll probably try to meet jenny & kira at that party, after all.

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