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robothursday! which is to say, shut down all higher functions, slide & glide. got home, got a drink, unspooled. played some videogames-- i can make statues come to life-- wrote some emails-- keep the subject line the same, guys, this isn't sparta, this is gmail-- read a little-- really? all antikythera mechanism & baghdad batteries? synchronicity, again-- settled next to my wife-- no, you're a luck dog!-- that sort of thing. stayed up late for no good reason, & dreamt hard about clones. maybe it was like terminator. it sort of was; i think even the girl from t3. wait, it started with morgan freedman. the guys who stole the gold needed to kill him, chained him to concrete & tossed him off the boat. but morgan had a time machine & went back in time to stop them from killing him. paradox results, & the future comes through. the machines have started a two-tiered model. they make replicants; robot humans, perfect copies, walking lockstep. then they flood the street with t1000 nanogoo. this is the world that they make & i swing from rooftop to rooftop while they look for me. i'm like the opposite of john conner.
Tags: dreams

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