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how's annie?

over at io9, annalee newitz posted a zombie feminist rant. now, this whole zombie-rape-revenge movie & fido aside (which, woah to both), i had some complaints with her portrayal of twin peaks. the message of twin peaks isn't one about rape revenge. laura palmer's rape isn't the center of the movie-- her murder is. & that murder is portrayed pretty unflinchingly; from the peeling off of finger nails right down to rape kits & drug tests. the city of twin peaks is explicitly not some fantasy paradise. laura is not a unsullied princess. but that doesn't lessen her in the story. if laura palmer was anti-feminist, her crimes & misdeeds would tint the story, but they don't. nor do they make her murder & rape excusable or "coming to her." i'll certainly grant you that it is a story of men; you have got a point there. cooper has a band of male sidekicks, & women play support. they aren't fence posts, though; there are plenty of strong women here, playing the game. heck, it even has a positive portrayal of transvestites. no shit! & there is laura the star, in fire walk with me, which flips the dynamic on its head; special agent cooper is no more present in that film than laura palmer was in the show. so yeah, i'm going to disagree here. even the beauty pageant in twin peaks is a farce. i can tout the show as untouchable to feminist critique; cooper has a dead lady in his past, his present, & his future is kidnapped & held hostage. fair enough. those are fair points. but i call shenanigans on rape as a focus. it just isn't. it happpens, but as a crime, not a plot point.
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