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late to work; forgot to set my alarm & then the situation was compounded by some stomach woes. which is sort of like the story for last night: jenny, me, david, maggie, caroline & victoria, & victoria brought her dog frank. no television to watch outside of top model but anyhow, i was pretty much a disturbed belly more than i was present. thanks a lot for being a flesh robot, mordicai! other than that, i feel like crap anyhow. the back of my head is a tight fist of annoyance. i blame myself, i blame economic downturn, & i blame the change in the financial quarter. still. nice, real nice, mister job hunter. i am stuck in my deadend corner. i keep making forays out, but nothing has stuck so far. keep your eyes peeled. other than that, i bought some x-mas presents yesterday. so it begins. i just want to go home & hang out with jenny. stress of living! i need to get this cat out of this bag.

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