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i will be your darkness baby.

events have been uneventful. monday jenny did not come home directly, but instead went out to a friend's to do a whole gossip girl thing. i played some legend of zelda: the twilight princess & went to the gym to work off a little aggression. i was steaming from earlier in the day. i was sweeping up outside of the store & went to drop off some of the mcdonalds litter in the mcdonalds garbage can & while i was putting it in some kid walked into me. you know, did some kind of territorial bump. that doesn't truck with me, so instead of him pushing me, well, i pushed him. since, uh? hello, high schoolers? i have fifty pounds of muscle on me & your shove is my nudge. then he wanted to "front," so i ran the dozens up & down him in front of his girl. then he called the broom i was carrying my "protection," & i laughed at him. i also called him "son." what up, son! tuesday was equally bland; the hi-light being that jenny made pizza with ham & artichoke hearts. also more video games. see what i mean about uneventful? i had a terrible stomach ache in the middle of the night? & then i woke up early to go to the gym. also today i keep seeing girls with huge butts. like, on display. a girl with a skirt & jacket either tailored to frame her butt or badly tailored? & things like bad track suits. lots of butts.

in political news, blognigger threw up sarah palin's character sheet & did it in fourth edition, to which i give due credit. sarah palin exists, guys. i live in gotham, & as i keep saying, they have already crowned obama king of america here, so i don't know what the actual political landscape is like? but it is my understanding that people like her. which just blows my mind. i do wish people would lay off her for killing & dressing a moose. you know, i respect people with survival skills? & i don't know if anyone told you, but she's from alaska, where there is always a pretty decent chance that you might be in the middle of a frozen wasteland.
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