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(this is captioned "i don't really know how to use a camera well" by mordicai)

before game i scrubbed my face & put on my black suit to go meet pamela & her friend stephania for brunch. brunch! it wasn't a thing we ever really talked about before brooklyn-- it was brought up about as often as someone would bring up "linner." now it ain't exactly a foundation, but the possibilities! jenny wasn't coming, which was a damn shame, since she is pretty freaking cute. we'd arranged to meet up at patois, since i basically only ever go to patois for brunch. i waxed nostalgic for bernie on the way there, alas, my sociology geek! & danielle's job at flight 001. met up with pamela (a dear) & waited for her buddy, then we were swiftly ushered in to our table. i need to stop ordering the frittata. i have for the last few times, since artichokes & all that sound really good to me lately. but i only get a skillet of food, while everyone else has more copious plates. the mimosas were had, & chat.

i was pleased to find pamela's friend smart & totally not annoying. not that i expected she would be, but you know. meeting new people is always a roll of the dice. after the food we walked around carrol gardens & then up atlantic & over along park slope, window shopping along the way. in the slope we stopped at "alchemy," which is a bar i've been really itching to try, since it is called "alchemy." we waited a good ten minutes for service at the bar, which sucked, but the bartender made "sorries" & was overwhelmed with bloody mary requests. the only thing alchemical about the bar was that it had taschen wallpaper in the bathrooms. drat. also, i ran into floyd & sarah, who i genuinely intend to be friends with. after that, we walked pamela to the place she was getting her nails done, & stephania (who happened to be staying right near where my game is held) split off to go find her hosts, leaving me to walk along the park to the other side of park slope & then zip down on the bus.
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