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email to cortney

i had a bunch of "frustrated travel" dreams with you in them. first, me & you & some of your friends (both real & imaginary) were taking a road trip. i think maybe i was visiting you? & then we hung out at a bar you owned after it closed. that was nice. then i think you came to new york to visit? & were staying in red hook. except in my dream red hook was had a two-story megastructure; like, over the whole neighborhood was a bunch of elevated streets & bridges. i tried to walk there (since you can walk to red hook from my real apartment) but ended up getting SO lost. like, i somehow ended up on a ferry dock? with all these bridges going to nowhere. then an old guy stole my subway metrocard, & i had to intimidate him into giving me ALL his stolen metrocards, since there is no way to tell which was was mine. anyhow, i then went to some stadium, trying to take a shortcut. i think i did end up getting to red hook, but woke up before finding you.
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