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ain't a joke in my town.

so last night's excitement was calling the cops. after a pretty leisurely evening, i retired to bed fairly early & was shortly joined by my wife. slept somewhat uneventfully (dreams of throwing something?) until about four in the morning, when a constant pounding woke me up. woke everyone up, i guess. at first i thought it was someone repeatedly slamming their door; you know, a domestic dispute or something. then paranoia & wishful thinking kicked in & i started thinking it might be constant, muffled gunshots. finishing waking up, i realized that it was someone trying to kick down the inside glass door of the apartment building. i started putting my pants on right about the time that same someone started buzzing all the apartment buildings. yeah i went down to investigate! you can't a) try to break into my apartment building or b) kitty genovese me. so i went down & there was a white male, dark hair, in a suit, about 5'10" (i took note of these things) kicking at the door & pressing his palm against the doorbells. when i saw him, he sort of hid in the gap between the wall & the door. nice! that made my choices easy.

ring ring! i called 3-1-1. they directed me to 9-1-1. i was betting the sucker in the vestibule was just a drunk who lost his keys, but i didn't want to assume he wasn't a, you know, jealous ex, or stalker, or some dude bounced by his significant other or whatever. i wanted to call the police, but it wasn't what i'd call an emergency. turns out you can't call the police anymore without calling 9-1-1, i guess. about this time, the guy decided to notice me & said "hey asshole, let me in!" to which i replied "you just called me asshole & i just called the cops." jenny called down the hall asking me what i was doing, so i came up to reassure her i wasn't being macho or anything. though my pride wanted me to be! i waited with her upstairs, & after a few more minutes someone buzzed him in. i don't know if it was someone he knew or just someone willing to buzz in anybody. i hate those kinds of people. anyhow, as he came in the building he was shouting "thanks a lot asshole!" i was waiting in my open doorway & said "i'm right her, guy, waiting to see what apartment you go to," & he said "this one right here," pointed to the apartment caddy corner from mine, which had a cracked door. i thought maybe it was going to be chained & there were going to be words? but whoever was in there just let him in. when the cops came, they just knocked on our door. i gave them the rundown & they told me from the smell of the waiting room, he was a drunk. i said i agreed, & was galled that there were a pack of outside alphas acting all tough guy. they left without knocking on the other apartment, i'm pretty sure, which is fine.

i guess this makes me old? i think it probably is the first time i've called the cops. usually i'd just handle affairs myself. i did consider what jenny would want me to do, & decided to be discreet & also legal. since, you know, i think you are supposed to avoid fighting people. it isn't in my base nature, but i also don't mind letting my rational nature take a hand at the tiller. plus, i should make use of the police, right? i'm a civics minded guy. so i let the little squirt of adrenaline drain out & went back to bed, at least comforted to have won the miniature confrontation of words with the guy. i take my victories where i can get them. speaking of victories, i saw a guy on the three train today furiously knitting, & he had knitted the uppers of his sneakers, & his scarf, & his hat. that guy is also a winner!

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