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hurricane honeymoon.

how cute is this guy? jenny sure didn't like crabs, but she also was fascinated by them. a little of both. we found this guy following a camouflaged crab around. it looks like a wisp of dust blowing around the beach, but was in fact our friend the scuttling amphibious spider!

there isn't a lot to do in wilmington. after we dropped off our bags we needed some grub; after circling the city, we settled on a place that was busy, figuring that had to be a good sign. why was it busy, though, is the real question. the answer? because the restaurant had no two-tops, & was low on tables to begin with! the staff was pretty with it, & the food was pretty good, other than that. it was called like...the dixie diner? they described themselves as a "granola greasyspoon."

we took a break at a bar for a few hours, & then had dinner at a place called "circa 1922." a taxi driver & the bartender at the pub we were at both recommended it. we had "steele cab franc" for our wine, tapas (with olives! i picked olives!), & she had lamb while i had seafood paella. i thought i was ordering something different, but i still can't think of the word for what i thought it was. i kept moving my waterglass when the waitress came to fill it up; i'm mischievous!

then i took this picture of jenny because she wanted it. really, there wasn't a lot to do in wilmington.
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