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the king in yellow & other horror stories by robert chambers.

the first act was good, but the second act was great! i kid, of course. "the king in yellow" is a borgesian play inside the collection of short stories originally titled the king in yellow. it is so beautiful & awful that the act of reading it changes you forever. by being such a truly grand work of art, it destroys you. sort of. or at least draws a connection between you & the wearer of the pallid mask. oh carcosa! & well, really that isn't what the short stories are about. i suppose you'd have to read it to really see what i mean. it is interesting that this is collected as a horror anthology, since most of the stories really aren't. the better genre would be "weird," but i guess the idea of weird tales fell out of favor with the pulps. some of the stories here are scary, or involve psychological degeneration, or ghosts, monsters, that sort of thing. you could call them horror. a lot of them involve just a sense of the uncanny. time travel. a lot of extinct animals. animals, especially dogs, play a big role in these tales. so chambers is a forerunner to lovecraft. it shows, in a big, good way. i recommend a reading.
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