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at the cobra, cobra commander...

mordicai is sleepy, y/n? y! last night was the resumption of television night, after a too long hiatus. in celebration, everyone watched four hours of america's next top model & drank one million glasses of champagne chased by one million glasses of vodka & cranberry juice. in attendance were me, jenny, david, maggie, lilly, & victoria. sadly, danielle was forced to call off at the last minute, which is a real shame. david & maggie got some presents: footie pajamas! payamas, as they are called by our southern cousins. oh, speaking of cousins, i love jenny like a kissing cousin. top model is amazing, of course. the theme is "the future." tyra bot! & well listen. i'm not sure i can go over all the best material, but i think "pig angel" is a real gem. how did we get to "afterwards?" because we were watching those hours of television but it took us forever to actually plow through them. sleepy y/n? i walked victoria to the train & then came home to find that jenny had straightened up. nice. now it is the morning after & i want to die. or cut off my head, mombi style.

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