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cape fear 2008 ce

the flight was delayed a day, thanks for nothing hanna, & when we finally did go, it was an a teeny-weeny little grasshopper of a plane. well, alright, it wasn't that tiny-- i've never been on an ultralight or a piper even. i've been on plenty of junior planes through, when i was flying between gotham & the wasteland. the tiniest being a little prop on a lay over between akron, home of the rubber barons, & cincinatti, home of the kkk. this wasn't that tiny, but i was bent over like quasimodo just to use the head. is it a head on a plane too, or just boats? ships. whatever.

speaking of ships, we had to take a ferry out to the island. we were on the literal tippy toe point of cape fear. you'd wreck your ship on us! the trip on the boat was fun: we saw dolphins! sadly, those were the only dolphins we saw. the island being little more than a sandbar, i guess it was just too shallow.

...speaking of dolphins! this is one of the foxes all over the island. we're talking frolicking, shapechanging, cursing, the whole nine-tailed yards. not just at night, or twilight, either. the only animals we saw on this trip were people, dolphins, foxes, & mosquitos.

the mosquitos were probably satanic? listen, i've had bad mosquitos. i've had boy scouts, sleeping in netting, hats with veils, full on mosquito season & i'm canoeing type mosquitos. these bastards in these woods here trump that. in about a twenty minute hike, we each got somewhere in the range of fifty to one hundred (50-100) bites. there were webs in here big enough to actually stop me. like, boing. the spiders, well fed ladies, were about a handspan. we ran out of there & called off all the rest of our plans to appreciate any nature that wasn't the beach.

the beach was where the lion's share of our time was spent; well, besides the house we were renting. it was very sunny, & very choppy. there really wasn't a chance to "swim" at the beach, so much as there was to struggle against the waves & get salt in your eyes & mouth for your troubles. which is fun. besides that, i dug a lot of holes & made some sea shell shrines. i dug a lot of holes-- they lasted the whole week, which for the ocean is pretty impressive. i win!

i got a little pink.

this is the best one of the inside of the house where we were staying.

on the island, we drove around in a golf cart. i should say i drove; jenny never took a hand at the wheel. i have to tell you, i don't mind it. they go faster than walking, faster than biking (though biking still a valid method of transport) & plugged into your wall socket. i think cars in brooklyn should probably be replaced with them. here i am-- i think saluting? i feel like that is a thing drivers do, right?

dinner we cooked on the grill. propane? i assume, though there wasn't a bulb for each grill. meat went on the bottom, vegetables on the top. if you can't grill it, we didn't sup on it! i think the flank steak & the asparagus were the biggest successes here.

i guess "old baldy" is the most legitimate "thing" on the island? an old lighthouse is what it is! there was a tiny museum in the old lightkeepers cottage, & a gift shop, as you might guess. we climbed to the top. what is there to say about that? nothing! we did it though.

you could see this decaying dock from there. probably my favorite.
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