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the first day of my honeymoon in cape fear was canceled thanks to a hurricane. hurricane honeymoon! we ended up just staying at home & doing the general relaxation factor. watched some television, i went to the gym, played some video games, read a little or a lot, that kind of nonsense. i also had a chance to mess around with making myself as a dnd character, because what? i'll be a big nerd as my coping mechanism against boredom & disappointment. isn't that a big part of the whole point? i mean, come on now. so of course i've made him a warlock/paladin. no surprise there. & i've gone fey pact. we've only got these things to work with, i've got a whole faerietale thing going on in case you haven't noticed. i also went with tiefling-- in lieu of the aasimar, i think it probably appropriate. i decided twenty levels would be fun to play with; see how the whole multiclassing thing plays out. if i was going to do epic i'd probably look at the blade of ragnarok destiny, for giggles. so the powers i ended up taking were--

at will
bolstering strike (paladin)
eyebite (warlock)

encounter powers
beckon foe (paladin 7)
mire the mind (warlock 7)
renewing smite (paladin 13)
thirsting tendrils (warlock 17)
divine challenge (paladin)

daily powers
crown of glory (paladin 9)
true nemesis (paladin 15)
wrath of acamar (warlock 19)
delusion of loyalty (warlock 19)

utility powers
ethereal stride (warlock 2)
dark one's own luck (warlock 6)
ambassador imp (warlock 10)
cleansing spirit (paladin 12)
deathward (paladin 16)

see? so it was just like being on a beach in north carolina! or wait, not so much. i made the best of it: with work being busy & me not having time for the gym, or drinking, or hanging out, or jenny, or anything really? a day of vegetating wasn't the worst that could have happened. & since jenny is on point, we had (have) trip insurance, so when little things like tropical storms happen, we aren't entirely screwed by them. things seem to be on track for today though; planes are in order, the house we are renting didn't blow away, we've got a cab on call, so on, so forth, & &tc. i woke up & washed the dishes, i've got books packed. maybe i should bring my gameboy? i'm not entirely clear on what exactly a vacation is, really. i don't know how to parcel my time & thoughts. we'll see how it goes, but i have a suspicion i'll enjoy myself one way or another. oh, note to self, i have to clip my fingernails before i take a shower. important note! sound the alarms!
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