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quick reviews!

thor by j. michael straczynski & oliver coipel.

i like the art, i like the story. i want donald blake to be odin. he's got a stick! anyhow, i like loki being a girl too. some people have said that it is unfair to do the katrina thing. "where were the capes when hurricane katrina happened?" well, i'm with them as a rule-- the 9/11 superhero stuff was pretty terrible, for instance. the katrina thing, though, i'm fine with. see, i like it when fiction stands in. when metaphors work. "where were you?" works for katrina, because nobody did anything about it. in the real world, i mean. writing a comic using superheros to sub for the government works. though i am sick of tony stark getting his ass kicked. glad that is over, thanks to the success of the movie. as for the africa thing, well. i don't even know what to think about africa at this point. any insult is redeemed that it is a single issue; i'm willing to let authors try things out in single issues!

illuminati by brian michael bendis, brian reed, & jim cheung.

here is the thing: if you cut this in half? this is what an iron man comic should be, & what a fantastic four comic should be. iron man? i like the new cut of his jib. he's got hubris, but the skills to back it up! he's trying to save the world by thinking big, but sometimes that entails failure. the problem is-- that doesn't work for the rest of these guys. professor x? doctor strange? mister fantastic? it doesn't occur to you guys to be like "uh, no. no, we're not going to send the hulk into fucking space. what are you, crazy?" that characterization rings hollow. reed richards is a role model; he doesn't shoot the freaking hulk into space. at least namor & black bolt are like "okay, eff you guys" at a certain point. xavier? is he really even in this comic? anyhow-- some of the stories, like marvel boy & the infinity gems, are the kind of off-the-wall cosmic stuff i'd like to see the fantastic four handling. that is the comic i'd right for them. anyhow, it leads into secret invasion, which i'm enjoying well enough.
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