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pizza time!

teenage mutant ninja turtles volumes one (i) & four (iv), first classics, by kevin eastman & peter laird.

i should not neglect to mention that one of the highlights of my vacation was finding that there were some tmnt volumes scattered about! joe insisted that they had more than these two, but i couldn't find them, & i looked pretty hard. reading these made me wonder about cerebus' very slow, awkward start. like cerebus, tmnt started out as parody, but unlike cerebus, there isn't two hundred (200) pages of it; or really any. the turtles hit the ground running. it is really perfect alchemy; who could believe that mixing these things together would rule so hard? my favorite game to play was "hey, this panel is used in the ...other strangeness game!" game. the other game was the "wow, the live action movies were pretty faithful to the story...i didn't know that!" anyhow, finding these guys was a nice little chunk of treasure. & now they are talking about a live-action shredder origin? or so says kevin eastman-- wait a minute, he says in an interview with his own magazine? didn't he sell off all his creative say in the turtles, anyhow?
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