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more fire!

i wish i had a spot-microphone to record the cacaphony of birds et al outside of our window this morning. there was a damp, dark twilight in the morning that really, really evoked all my childhood weekends spent camping. i snuck out of bed & wandered around, got my feet wet in the dew, dried them off & snuck back into bed.

yesterday after we went rock climbing at the power plant (i swooned, kind of hard, for the abandoned mill, but couldn't break away to break into it, & had forgotten my camera) we came back for lots of pool-sitting. did i mention adam & jesse? they showed up. adam is like andrew's brother, & jesse is like lilly's sister. weird physical resemblances. anyow, adam, joe & i played around on the rafts, jumping on them, that sort of thing, while the girls sunned themselves. there was a hot dog & burger lunch, with some antipasta or something, & watermelon cocktails. oh, i think i mentioned those already. oh buttons! after that, we played some soccer-football-frisbee-wiffleball, all of us just tossing all the balls around at once. i bruised my princess toe! then more drinking, & smoking, & some game that is mostly a more elaborte charades. our team won that! then there was steak, & pasta salad, & then a million washed dishes. then i followed jenny to bed. now nino is up with me.

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