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welome to tabbed browsin'!

i've got a gullet full of burgers, some kind of mozzerella & tomato thing, & hotdogs, & kraut, & such. food people! i'm surrounded by them. enemy territory! i keep my head down & think about nutra-pills! also, full of watermelon cocktail things. a number of those & one beside me for good measure! i wanted to make some ms paint illustrations, but fingerpad mouse informed my choice otherwise. i just snuck in from swimming in the pool: everyone else is still out there sunning themselves like lizards. man there is a lot of plates, & jesse just came in with an armful of them. jesse & adam are the new editions to the club. anyhow, this morning jenny, kira & myself went out to clambor about at the power plant slash waterfalls. it was alright, but girls worry about me too much! i am an adventurer.

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