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dork musing.

so on the drive up, & lately in general, i've been geeking around thinking about the new dnd classes & races. you know, sort of stunt casting? like, obviously i'm a warlock with paladin multiclass feats. i think you could probably turn a "holy avenger" into an "unholy revenger" & make it all pact blade & such. fun for me! oh, except actually, a holy avenger would work just fine, right? see, fun. & i guess tiefling, at least till aasimar gets published. or maybe eladrin? jenny, i've decided, is an elf warlord, since she's good at that. she insists she's got warlock powers, which i guess is fine. we're a good team, you could kick some ass with a striker/defender & a leader/striker. not too shabby. kingtycoon's little "tiny adventures" guy makes me think: actually, yeah! yeah, maybe i think kingtycoon is a dragonborn! that is pretty awesome. dragonborn, i'm not sure what class or feat mix, though? wizard paladin? who can say. so yeah, zoning out on the trip up here, i was doodling around thinking about lord of the rings casting. it is a pretty interesting mix, yeah? aragorn i'd say is a half-elf, that works. half-elf ranger with his diletante power being a cleric healing power-- hands of a king are the hands of a healer! gandalf is a "human" wizard, sure. he can set the tree tops on fire, right? legolas is an elf ranger? or he could be a rogue or a fighter, why not? but i guess ranger. gimli is a dwarf fighter? boromir is a human warlord? i'd say, leader of men. faramir maybe half-elf warlord? if i was building them, at least. numenorian = half-elf. sam is a halfling fighter? the rest of the hobbits are halfling rogues, don't you think? i don't mind playing this game, i'll do it all day! galadrial the eladrin! oh, galadrial. pitter. patter
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