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lazy lazy!

i don't really feel like paying any attention to the computer-- well, that isn't true. i don't feel like spending any useful length of time. so i'm upstate, at kira's avuncular estate. or whatever, however that works. her aunt & uncle's mountain redoubt. first the trip was delayed due to some stomach problams nino was having, then donna & pablo dropped out. things looked grim! but it just put us on a morning departure schedule, rather than an evening one. jenny & i piled in with kira & nino, & stop one was meat & pasteries. meat for the grill, pastries for our bellies. except we got sandwiches from the patisserie. then it was down to nino's hatching grounds in jersey-- there was an excellent picture of him as an angel baby, holding a rosary, wearing a vinyl flower, with a gold jesus chain, & a pinky ring, & a pin on his lapel, all in a mirrored frame! also, he had a fig tree! so we ate figs, which is a first! in non-dried format. then more driving, following the gps instructions, to here!

we're all curvy roads up on a mountain, which is very nice. joe & his lady christina are here; joe is the cousin of kira, thus the boss of the house. it is pretty large: three bedrooms upstairs, two downstairs, huge kitchen & living room, bedroom downstairs & video viewing area, wine cellar, about five bathrooms? pool. big, nice. mostly we've been reading around the pool, sometimes dipping in; it was pretty chilly, but hopefully today it will warm up. christina doesn't even fucking care about it being cold, though. lots of cheese has been eaten. dinner was some extravagant thing; always is with these people. three kinds of steak, some salad, corn, carrots, green beans, garlic bread, probably some other things. oh, eggplant, but it wasn't cooked all the way. there was meant to be ice cream, but the hand-cranking thing was still a work in progress. then to bed, & now it is today.

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