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fornication under consent of king!

crécy by warren ellis, raulo caceres.

so this guy had me chucking quite a bit, it did. told with some poor filthy englishman as the omniscient narrator, this is the story about how some english longbowman just ripped the french into pieces during the hundred year's war. i guess it is sort of the prequel to agincourt, though i am just whistling that up; i'm not really all that solid on these things real historical positioning. anyhow, a bunch of dudes with bows just slaughter a bunch of idiots who keep trying to run at them. the death of the aristocracy as a reasonable method of warfare & governance, & me, i'm still thinking it isn't for the best. congratulations, it results in the doctrine of total war! eh, not that letting dudes go around prima noctis-ing your girlfriend is awesome. ellis really captures the "dudes are bastards all around" here, & like i said, i laughed out loud & showed skycornerless (who was riding the train with me) some of what was said, like:

"you'll have heard of the norman invasion. some people will have you believe that the normans weren't quite french. normans being the tall, blue-eyed bastards from normandy; what you get when vikings fuck french women instead of eating them or turning them into boats."
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