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the skillful huntsman by scott robertson, mike yamada, felix yoon, & khang le.

so, basically? this is a fictional series of concept sketches. as in: there is no project, no end result. these kids-- yamada, yoon, le-- are all independent study students of robertson. they decided to work on the grimm's story "the skillful huntsman," & reinterpret it in many different ways. since there is no end result, no finished product, you instead get to see lots & lots of branches. this guy with a scarf, that guy with a headdress, this fellow riding a hoverbike, this guy a waterstrider. the castle is a beehive! no, the castle is a gothic-giger mesh! very pleasant to walk through, these little gardens of thought. i'd like to add my two cents, i want to take out a marker & start circling. "develop this more!" i want to shout. which is as nice a thing to say about it as i can imagine. bravo!
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