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deliver us from free will, i thought it said.

fussy & agitated. left the gym in a huff! the machines were being unkind to me, the gentlemen with their weight-hogging ways were getting under my skin. me & my lolipop! are fighting on the same side. i keep combing through old notebooks-- spent an hour (:60) tonight doing that-- looking for secrets i know i used to know, hints i might have left for myself. ended up mortified & amazed. rotting here inside my chrysalis. stinking, unhatched. but hey, what i lack in metamorphosis & make up for in malice! black ovals, & boy i'll make johnny appleseed look like he ain't was nothing, i'll make the monolith builders sing daisy. i mean though-- i really, i really mean though-- look at these hands! they look like such strong hands, don't they? what the fuck, i'm looking at them & they just look like curved, useless sloth claws. take me to the surgeon, guys, i'm ready!

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