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hey, rest of the world (argentina especially)! stop being a bunch of racists! "what, next you are going to say we can't dress up in red lips & blackface when we are making fun of black people?" seriously guys, really? you really just thought this was okay? i shouldn't act like i'm surprised. i've been big on this team-- team "the rest of the world is a bunch of racists." i mean, for crying out lout. how have the rest of the olympics been? some guy freaked out after running really fast. bahrain won its first gold (1,500 meters), afghanistan it's first medal (taekwondo) period. a lady without a leg (!) swam in the olympics. for real, not like, some honor guard torch carrying thing. anyhow, the sport i learned about was "steeplechase." in which people the same race they make horses run? with like, moats & hurdles & whatever. live action pitfall! wait, i've got to go read about yao ming's bar! it is that crazy joint "tropical" that we like going to so much!
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