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dolphins tune in!

i know, i know, i don't really care that much about phelps either. he's like, a phenomenal athlete, best since secretariat or whatever. tons of gold, good on him, i just don't care all as much as i could. but man! i sure don't have a grudge like jennifer lopez, who is all hating on him, since she ought to be the focus-- she's going to run a triathlon! more exciting to me is that iphisol used to be on the same fence as those fencers, the smarts, keeth & erinn. the double-letter smarts. they've been silvering. a silver in swords is worth a gold in the water! the usa guy was meant to win at rifle shooting, had a big lead, but his itchy trigger finger threw it! anyhow, he's a fine figure, this guy matt emmons. his wife he met at the two-thousand four (2004) games; she was a czech shooter there to compete. she's gold, silver, bronze, he's gold, silver. so. also, at the last games, someone sabotaged his rifle! so that is a bit of fun gunplay gossip!
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