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goldfarb, you take 3d8 psychic necrotic damage!

hey, some john mccain staff blogger used the term "pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd" which puts me in a weird position. i mean, i rep the whole "vote third party!" angle pretty hard, so i was thinking i was going to have to vote green (curse you gravel for loosing the libertarian party nom to that anti-choice, anti-liberty snake!) but i guess john mccain is insisting i re-consider barak obama? i need to know the important fact, like-- what class is he? i mean, i keep hearing about how "high class" he is-- what level, what paragon path? want to talk about race based politics, how does he feel about orcs & goblins? these are the issues that matter to me! edit: the blogger's apology is actually tongue in cheek enough to mollify me. so. i guess he made his saving throw against geek rage. edit edit: this is the wizards of the coast response. i haven't read it yet.
Tags: dnd, ideology

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