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friday night i took advantage of jenny feeling under the weather to stay at home from the gym. she had texted me & asked me if we could have a cuddle puddle! who could say no? well, i said "maybe" but i was just being coy. so that was friday, stretched out & entangled. she ended up sneaking to bed without saying goodnight? i thought she was in the bathroom or something. nope, just lying in bed on top of all the covers. so i tucked her in & stayed up reading a bit.

hellboy ii (2): the art of the movie by guillermo del toro, mike mignola, & wayne barlowe.

listen, i really liked hellboy ii (2), & this book here will give you a nice little hint as to why. del toro! mignola! barlowe! it is basically a top three of spooky pictures dudes. this book is pretty nice! i don't give a crap about the shooting script, though it is useful as a place-marker. i wish it would out & more pictures were in, though! you get to see del toro say mignola's art is "too simple," & then barlowe or francisco ruiz velasco or somebody else but a lot more flourish on it. oh, & you get to see a lot of the detail of the stuff in the movie that piqued my interest: background stuff that you could have overlooked, like the angel of death's game board. i'm very happy with this book.

saturn's day comes along, right up next after freya's day. it is given over to yours truly! i write a few letters following up on some leads, ran some other errands like buying one hundred (100) quarter inche (1/4") washers, & then i do hit the gym for a nice hour & a half (1:30) blitz. i watched aeon flux on the elliptical machine for thirty minutes (:30) & i mentioned it to jenny & she was like "the movie or the cartoon?" man, could you watch that much animated aeon flux? i guess there was that longer series, but i never saw it; for me it is all liquid television. & that is just, you know, three minutes (:03) of aeon tonguing a cyborg's palm-orifice hideously to get a pill that would unravel into wriggling pink sperm that would horrifyingly penetrate her red blood cells & then shee's get shot in the face. okay, i could probably watch a marathon of that now that i think about it.

the evening was given over to a dinner party. kira's parents have moved to the city to be part of our tribe. tribalism was the theme of the night, but i'll get back to that. so we walked down to arturo's apartment, where they are staying for the nonce, which is just around atlantic avenue's (ave's) little caliphate, or whatever you call it down there with all the muazzin & stuff. we had to go to pathmark to pick up ice; man, that was painful. people! stop being so dumb! at least there was some ex-navy seal looking guy, some black jesse ventura looking dude, in a cowboy hat & a leather vest & no other shirt. ha ha! then it was to the meet-up. i'll list the crowd in the order i saw them: donna, pablo, kira, robert, judy, brian, nino. something like that.

dinner was thai chicken wrapped in pita or tortilla, filled with some kind of special 'slaw, or some quinoa mixture, & yougurt. there were other special salads; salty fruit, for instance. kira's clan cares about food! & the cocktail kira made me was some kind of wild celery leaf gin & tonic? it was strange! after that, there was an official brownie tasting to see what dean & deluca will carry. we're the secret kings of chocolate baked goods! then we spent the rest of the night planning out post-apocalypse. where to meet if the wind blows this way, where to meet if the wind blow that way. nino planning on being alan greenspan. we did this for a few hours. everyone ignoring my plan of taking a boat. guys, we live near the gowanus canal! walking or driving through gotham during the end of the world will be impossible: why not ride in style? anyhow, before too long it was too late for a still-sick jenny, so we turned into pac-man ghosts & ran home.
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