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five (5) rings to rule them all!

olympic mf (mother-fucking) coverage time! like-- did you see that chinese lady kick everyone's ass at archery? green arrow-like even! they just kept coming at her & she just kept firing! legolas-like even! robin hood & hawkeye, even! zip, zip, zip! zhang juanjuan-like even! she beat park sung-hyun, who was basically the heir to the south korean archery franchise. they'd been old man of the mountaining fools like cha! zip! thwip! thunk! arrows! until juanjuan got them in the face with a boxing glove arrow! mongolia gets its first gold medal for judo! temujin is smiling on the faces of a billion billion children! & some wrestler throws a hissy fit on the podium! a credit to the swedes! & no golds to the united states (usa)? boo day six! at least we medal'ed in women's saber-- bronze still counts, swedish wrestlers! no sour grapes here! day seven, more swimming golds, & a gymnastic gold from a dynasty family. slovakia sweeps the canoeing! mens & women's slalom! the nomenclature-- i had to look it up-- "c" is canoe, "k" is kayak, & the number (c-2, k-1) is the number of participants in the event. more like summer camp olympics, am i right? tommorow is rowing, look close girls & homos! rowers. hot meat on the menu! oh, also, did you see those naked german olympians? that was pretty hot, sun! also tommorow, badminton!
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