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oh, i've lived here in gotham for five years today.

like any hero or villain, i'm utterly obsessed with my position in the narrative. or maybe that is what makes me into the special case? obi wan got laser-sworded to death but he knew he had it coming-- luke skywalker won by knowing the truth about his dad, right? yeah, i fall back on the original trilogy for my monomyth & so what? georgie boy may have fucked up when he grew up, & maybe when he was just a stronger nerd he just was better at theft? but up until the ewoks, he knew the truth. wizards. listen, i stopped listening to "music" & i've switched over to basic obsession. fixate! it is a working plan. tori amos covering eminem. the solution to sound. makes you squint to make anything fall apart, kaleidoscope your face. to be honest, i am with you on this point. i am well deep in participation. i lost the ability to tell if i was the center of a delusion of reference a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. no, no, no. i'll go ahead with this. there are things i'd like to pretend? but i can't, in all honesty, pull out some of my stupid kangaroo pouches. i mean-- i don't have any secrets. anyone who matters or is paying attention? knows. i will tell you: i am, ultimately, not a coward. the situation is complicated.

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