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don't think i won't drag these bones up from davey jones' locker when jenny has other plans for the evening! i'll get my sulk on to rival those slouching crows on the power lines! or well, i'm really just filled with what the pundits call "grim mirth." ever look back over the entire framework of your interior cosmology & go "hey, wait a minute. my interior monologue is basically just captain ahab shouting obscenities after the whale, isn't it?" so i could talk more about the essential crypto-alienation that i use as an excuse to go pearl diving in my psyche. or i could mention that batman has a back-up personality? & that his back-up personality is...outerspace batman. this is funny, because my back-up personality is dinosaur-riding mordicai. now with 100% more velociraptor claws in the belly! listen, just in case anything happens to me: dinosaurs. from the walls. everything important in my life is inside of the walls! except jenny who is apparently at an epic dinner to decide the fate of the free world or something! luckily, i discovered a secret. i won't tell you what it is, but it might have to do with cooking brandy.

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