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many worlds have been enslaved...

first might as well be the same as close, you know? time & space being what they are. or closest, & that means second is the same as horse shoes & hand grenades. the horror, the horror! & now, shorn of ego but shattered, we try to scramble our way out of the underworld to knock the constellation of the ego out of the heavens & bury those astral motes in deep graves. deep grace. so what do you do while you wait, mon-el? you & the rest of the vampires set the car on fire on the beach & swim till the dark gets into your eyeballs. treacle & a spoon with a view. room with black wallpaper, peeling. maybe a place to lie down. just eat up all of the yesterdays. & all the tommorows & today fades to black. you know, we're still on for the war, right? treacle, all sappy & pulled from the skull of something beautiful. something with a horn. we'll be goblins & we'll be whatever it takes to get the job done. go on & let the hired help know just what we are. they won't believe it, & if they do, we can take their witchdoctors. so listen to the crickets. feel the spiderwebs on your face. watch the killers in dark green ease into the back set of the car next to you. ha ha charlie is in the treeline! they're going too get you for sure. & put all your guts in a thin mucous sheath & sit & brood on them like a hoard of gold. or well. the robots might get to you first. those guys are on the rise.

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